Going the extra mile for you !

Guyot Découp’ has more than 80 years of experience in subcontracting in cutting and stamping. And not to mention an 80-year history of service to its customers. Over the years, we have learned to assist and support you with all your projects.

It is through listening and communication that we have learned to be in tune with your satisfaction. Our guiding principles are :

  • Support for new projects, and for existing production series.
  • Searching for solutions and/or areas for improvement when it comes your products and our production processes.
  • Customer satisfaction through the culture of service and industrial partnerships.

We are constantly working to improve ourselves and our performance, and are always on the lookout for solutions to improve our productivity. Benefit from a team of professionals with in-depth expertise in metals and a sound knowledge of plastics.

Guyot Découp’ builds customer loyalty and acquires new customers by consolidating its image as a family-run, collaborative company. We offer ever safer, healthier and cleaner products. We ensure traceability and transparency of product information.

Guyot Découp’ has been ISO 9001 certified for over 25 years. Choose a reliable and professional company for your needs.

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