Choosing to be eco-responsible

At Guyot Découp’, limiting our impact on the environment is essential. To this end, we have chosen to be eco-responsible in our decision-making criteria and in all our processes.

This affects all aspects of the company’s activity:


  • Mainstreaming of technologies
  • Co-design to optimise developments
  • 100% recyclable steels
  • Standardisation of product range and modular tools
  • Customer support with documentation for your life cycle assessments, recyclability of materials used, etc.

Responsible purchasing

  • Packaging from recycled materials (cardboard, wood, etc.)
  • Use of steel from 10% recycled material up to 70% depending on the grade
  • Development of local suppliers

Sustainable production

  • Closed loop lubrication
  • Control of water and electricity consumption and use of heat dispersion
  • Effluent reprocessing circuit
  • Noise reduction

We have introduced selective sorting and recycling of all our waste. Guyot Découp’ participates in most European and worldwide standards (REACH, ROHS, IMDS, etc.)

Benefit from a real partner

Guyot Découp’ works with your teams right from the design stage to optimise the industrial solution for your parts. We work with computer-aided design, we have a tooling workshop and automated production lines.

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