Careful workmanship and recognised quality

Guyot Découp’, located in Beaufort in the Jura region of France, specialises in the design and manufacture of cutting and stamping parts. We work for various sectors including the automotive, construction, cosmetics and household appliance industries.

Guyot Découp’ is recognised for its know-how, as well as for its ability to respond to all its customers’ requests. Thanks to our machine park (23 presses from 4 to 315 tonnes), we have great flexibility to offer

Finishing & tribofinishing

Tribofinishing (or vibratory finishing) is a mechanical process that consists of deburring, degreasing, and polishing the cut parts. For this treatment, the parts are submerged in a mixture of abrasives and an additive that is made to vibrate.

We have a fleet of 5 vibrating machines from 90 to 1900 litres (including 2 with rinsing line), 4 dryers and a stainless steel ball polishing line. Automating these processes guarantees reproducible results

Post-cutting treatment

Qualified and certified partners allow us to provide you with a complete service including different heat and surface treatments (hardening, carburising, zinc plating, nickel plating, copper plating, tin plating, painting).

Sorting & measuring

Guyot Découp’ has two fully independent optical sorting lines. They check each part individually, in order to achieve zero defects and secure your assemblies. We also have manual and CNC coordinate measuring machines.


We have a fully automated packaging line, linked to our ERP system to guarantee that our products are delivered in the right quantity, in the right packaging and with the desired traceability. This robotic process shapes cartons, distributes and counts parts, folds CPUs, prints and applies labels, and palletises according to a defined pattern. Faster, more economical, and more ergonomic, Guyot Découp’ is at your service.

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